Hey, guys!  It's me, Nikkie! Thanks for checking out my work. I have the greatest job on the planet and I've made some pretty amazing friendships along the way with my incredible clients. I‘ve captured a lot of memories over the years. I've watched kids grow into seniors, then watched those seniors grow into adults and start families of their own. I've seen some families live through tragedy and endure with grace and beauty. 

Every year has memories and milestones. Every day is the PERFECTLY  IMPERFECT DAY to capture your story. 


I have a twin sister who lives in Dubai.

I have 12 year old twins. And no, it doesn't always skip a generation!

My husband is from the start of the Mississippi River (Minnesota) and I and from the end of the Mississippi River (New Orleans). 

I have a MAJOR fear of clowns & birds.  That's natural, right?!

I could probably eat tacos every day of my life.

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